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Pro DJ Sound | Dance Party Rental

Our goal was to create a user friendly entertainment system with amazing sound and DJ lighting and make it available as a party rental. Our patent design provides professional grade speakers, beat sync lights, wireless audio and mic capability, and an available party app in an all-in-one dance party system. We truly care about your experience, which is why our units are simple to use and offer an around the clock support team along with a party app to control you and your friends music. In addition, we keep each unit serviced and tested to assure ease of use and satisfaction guaranteed.

The Spinboxx unit acts as a custom DJ for all parties
Spinboxx connects to an iOS app that curates party playlists

With Over 1.5 Billion Songs Streaming On The Internet

SpinBoxx is the only portable entertainment system that allows you to DJ your own party.

Your Music. Your Way.

SpinBoxx is revolutionizing the way we play music at parties. From weddings to school dances, and fitness rooms to pool parties. It’s where two worlds come together. A professional DJ system meets your devices. Now you can create the vibe at a party for a fraction of the cost.

With Spinboxx, you can create any playlist for your wedding, party, or class, in the app

Party by Numbers: Songs and Stats

With tunes at our fingertips, now we can enjoy music from anywhere in the world.

Avg Songs Played Per Party
Number of Requested Songs
Avg Cost of a DJ
Apx Cost Per Song

Connect Your Favorite App

Stream music from your Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play accounts, or more. Your music and preferred song lists are ready to play through SpinBoxx

Download the SpinBoxx party app in the Apple App Store
Use for Karaoke rentals, sound system at a wedding reception or as a fitness instructor at the gym

Wireless Mic Capability

Whether it’s karaoke, delivering a toast, or leading a fitness class in an electric workout. SpinBoxx has a professional wireless mic set-up onboard. Just grab the mic and go. It’s totally wireless!

Show Your Guests What’s Up!

With the SpinBoxx App by Outloud, you can display what song is coming up next at your party. With Chromecast, guests can join the playlist and vote up or down songs according to what they want to hear.

Spinboxx delivers and picksup DJ units for your party

Download The Party App & Control Music With Friends

Vote songs up and down a playlist with your friends. Holiday, birthday, and all types of parties become interactive when friends download the app and join a hosted playlist.

Download the SpinBoxx party app in the Apple App Store
Download the SpinBoxx party app in the Apple App Store
Download the SpinBoxx party app in the Apple App Store

All-in-One DJ Booth

For a compact and totally portable DJ booth, SpinBoxx allows DJ’s the easiest set up and most effective way to the throw a party

eFitness in the Gym

What if you want to spin to SpinBoxx. Maybe try out Zumba or if you’re an instructor, lead with our wireless headset mic system and keep a fitness class moving to the beat

Download the SpinBoxx party app in the Apple App Store

Before Planning Your Party: Here Are Some Suggestions From The DJ

  • Prior To Event, Take Song Requests From Friends

  • Before Your Party, Build Playlists & Create More Time For Mingling

  • Start Off With Lower Music Volume & Gradually Gain

  • Stand Away From Speakers While On The Microphone

  • Bring A Notepad & Pen For Writing Song Requests

  • If Available, Play Downloaded Songs Rather Than Streaming

  • Use A Wifi Network When Available

  • Turn On DJ Lights When Dancing Starts

  • Add Better Lighting Effects With A Fog Machine

  • Download Our SpinBoxx App And Control Music With Your Friends Through Your Phones

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“This is the best way to throw a party.”

“WOW I don’t really know what else to say. This is the best way to throw a party. I am a full time wedding planner, and this was the easiest and most affordable option for a wedding reception I’ve ever seen. SpinBoxx has found a way to fulfill my clients music needs while at the same time saving them hundreds of dollars. The sound and lights were amazing and the wireless microphone worked perfectly for toasts and making announcements through the night. WOW! Finally, a simple party solution.” – Wedding Resource Center